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Just to let you know, lyrics don't mean anynihtg to a musician. So by asking somone to write the guitar to lyrics, you are pretty much asking them to write the entire song for you. Lyrics don't indicate rhythm, the key, or anynihtg actually related to musical notation. So without offering a melody, you won't get much help. Sorry, but it's the truth.
never even heard of you before and you blew my mind at the Bob Dylan tribute in Santa Cruz. That was awesome!!! I look forward to seeing you again soon
Great music ! thanks for stopping by the Flight Lounge. Ken
Been on both websites now! I hope I'll see you again, take care and good luck in your concerts (My dads in a Heavy Metal band there called 'Subgenerates' if your interested)
Hi Garrick- How are you doing these days? Do you remember when we went to see Apocalypse Now in SF? I was maybe 19 at the time. Yeah, it's me. I just wanted to say hi and maybe bring some friend to watch you perform sometime. Well, Take care -Heather
What a great find. Heard a track of yours dubbed over an Eric Clapton interview on YouTube...never heard the interview, but got something better. Love your style, your playing, love your voice. How can I channel it all...hahaha! Am a fellow guitarist/singer but can't get the words to work for writing. Keep spreading the good stuff, man.
thanks for sharing the video with me...there were actually 3 of my dogs in there so I sent a link to their owners to enjoy :)
You were my 8th grade crush too!!! Email me!
listened to some clips of your music,great! will listen to more when i have time.i have to say i had good time reading about you ,a whole lot of honesty and little humor to add to it,very nice.
Hey Garrick: your website looks great. Your'e looking good, too. This was my first time to see this website because my brother forwarded an email to me. Well, take care and hope you're still playing "dueling banjos" or should I say "dueling guitars". aloha, Ray (feather river camp)
came across GD Blues on U-Tube, waoowww! I hope we'll soon be hearing you play in France. Tell your agent that the COGNAC BLUES FESTIVAL (end of July) and MARCIAC JAZZ & BLUES FESTIVAL (1st two weeks of August) are musts for you! The greatest guys, whether now dead or still alive, have played there, so you must come too! All the best, GP
I like your music, thanks for getting me with ur drummer to learn drums hes pretty cool
Hi Gary, Just checked your facebook and found that you had a website. Good job. I'm proud of you. You go, Gary!!! Hope to catch a performance in SF soon. g.
Great new site and progress on your journey
Garrick, I watched you perform Saturday (11/8/09) at the Union Room. We were the people from Paso Robles. Watching you play the acoustic guitar was inspirational to my own guitar playing. Thanks for the show.
Yo! Missed you in Pescadero. Keep in touch, will ya? :-)