Consternation/Embrace Love & Change

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Garrick Davis
Garrick Davis


This track, titled "Consternation" evolved into Embrace Love & Change. I recorded this before I began working with Grant and Zach. It was recorded on Garageband, as were most of the tracks on E.Y.S., using the computer keyboard "drum kit" played live and fixed where possible and a Sony stereo "clip-on" mic hung in front of my amp. There is noise because at the time I didn't know about using a preamp. The melodic piano line during the verses and many guitar parts were kept on Embrace. Many instrumental tracks were lost, however, when the external hard drive the files were corrupted and useless. 

The making of "Consternation" sparked my imagination and made me feel that I could possibly create a whole new album. Though the sound is rather thin, there is some good ear candy within. It was a great start to one of the major tracks on E.Y.S..