Chemical Reaction -LIVE at The Little Fox 11/9/08 (10:40)

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Garrick Davis/The Fabulous FunkyBand
Garrick Davis


From the debut album Glass Half Full, this is a funky live journey performed with the FunkyBand roster from heaven! Long live the Little Fox, the site of many great times had in the quest of building something good to share.

Fabulous FunkyBand 11/9/08: Grant Slam-drums; Tony Stead-organ; Artis Joyce-bass; Julia Harrell-percussion; Leah Tysse-vocals, percussion; Noel Catura-sax

The recordings of this show was made by an unidentified recordist. Step forward and let us know who you are. THANK YOU nevertheless!

Chemical Reaction as defined in this song has to do with conscience. How you feel when you're about to do something right OR something you know is wrong. We all have both sides to deal with in our minds and opportunities to explore both. Enjoy!