ZED - Live at The Union Room SF 10/24/09

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Garrick Davis/The Fabulous FunkyBand
Garrick Davis


Live Performance at The Union Room. One of Zach's first times playing this song I wrote for him when he was 3 years old. When we hone this it will be a sweat producer for the Funkyband Dancers! Baddass! 


With your energy lasting and true 

I have a hard time keeping up with you

When you came out my life was changed

I knew I'd never be the same

Hand in hand the night we see

Hot dog moons and cactus feet

Inside you is a little man 

controlling what you think that you can


ZED! Life isn't easy to chew

ZED! Do what comes natural to you

Somewhere off in the distance

you'll meet some resistance

Just find the path that's true


Legos, blocks, defiant no's

are things I've come to really know

Bridges, trees such common things

are all part of your living dream

See the garden growing tall

Daddy'll catch you if you fall


Little boys, they grow up fast 

Just one blink and childhood's past

Little boy become a man

but for now just hold my hand