Glass Half Full - Garrick Davis
Glass Half Full 2001 

Garrick Davis - debut 

“Songs of wisdom, songs of dues paying, songs of experience, and ultimately, songs of winning the struggle." ~Suzanne Glass of

The life-changing project. Superb songs, guest musicians.


The Show - Garrick Davis and his Fabulous FunkyBand

The Show 2005

Garrick Davis & His Fabulous Funkyband

Live at "The Little Fox" in Redwood City,CA with one great band on a 'fabulous' evening!

Garrick's solo acoustic version of Hendrix' "Voodoo Child(slight return) that leads off the CD was featured on "The House Of Blues Radio Hour".


Expose Your Self - Garrick Davis/the Fabulous Funkyband

Expose Your Self 2012

Garrick Davis/The Fabulous Funkyband

The 13-track "concept album" contains song and instrumental tracks that weave themes of redemption, gratitude and love while clearly exhibiting Garrick's most ambitious technical work to date. Expose Your Self was self-produced and engineered over 36 months of focused effort  in collaboration with members of  the "Fabulous FunkyBand” (includes son Zachary) and guest musicians. Davis' parents complete the roster that inject an organic human vibe to the project.

Expose Your Self began as a process of self-healing and introspection in a time of great personal conflict. The completed work is a personal and cooperative triumph.